Brian Wilson writes…

When is the Scottish population going to waken up to the total lack of logic surrounding the case of the Nationalists? These people believe in one thing – nationalism which is regressive, aggressive, grievance-based and divisive. That is what they will bring to Scotland. I on the other hand believe in Britain with all my heart and my nationalism is progressive, open, welcoming and harmonious. That’s the British way. We don’t want nasty nationalism which puts Scotland first, we want progressive British nationalism which puts Britain first. But Salmond and Sturgeon keep conflating the two when there are entirely opposite. If you believe in Britain you are socialist-minded and caring with a benign view of the world. If you believe in Scotland you are mean and nasty and inward-looking. Yet there are still people out there who don’t understand the difference.

Think about it. Britain conquers other countries. It’s in our blood. We use military power to overwhelm weaker countries, we take them over and offer them education and religion in return for exploiting them and taking their natural resources and enriching ourselves. We promise them citizenship in return and then renege when they wish to redeem and, if we do let them in, we discriminate against them. All the great powers do the same. Then we organise society in such a way that rich people get all the spoils and the poor are kept docile and vote for more of the same. They live in dreary schemes and sing uplifting songs of fraternity and are happy to be poor. The system gives them what they want.

But the Scottish Nationalists want them to aspire to something better when that’s not what they want. Working people are afraid of responsibility and ambition. That’s why they vote Labour. We keep our ambition for ourselves and don’t waste it on the feckless. Scotland is getting wealthier and happier and healthier with less crime and greener with a growing population and the government is helping people to keep more of their income. As George Foulkes says…they’re doing it deliberately. The danger of course is that people begin to vote for the SNP and Labour slowly disappear and those of us who have given a lifetime to political ambition, will have less influence.

And don’t think that can’t happen. How do you think the SNP got elected in the first place? By having better policies and better leaders than Labour and by putting Scotland first, not Britain or the Labour Party. This is the slippery slope to a better society.

And just look at their central policies. Universal benefits…a right wing scheme first devised by Lenin to keep the people under control and still used slavishly in communist twilight countries like Norway and Denmark. They don’t charge for university tuition which encourages people to get educated and find good jobs, as I did from a free education. Thank god the Labour Party have stuck to their principles and opposed free school meals. They only help children, especially from chaotic homes, to be healthier and to learn more and make it less likely they’ll grow up to beLabour voters. And to prove how inward looking they are, they want to let asylum seekers work and contribute to society and live fulfilling lives while they are assessed.

If it wasn’t for the Scotsman publishing this, the population would be unaware of just how mad and dangerous nationalism is…unless it’s British. I don’t want to sound like a disillusioned, hateful has-been threatened by the changing reality, but somebody has to. As John Major said: Wake up, before it’s too late. The only thing that can save the SNP’s credibility now is if they start an illegal foreign war…which is the progressive thing to do.


22 thoughts on “Brian Wilson writes…

  1. Good one Derek. I almost felt sorry for Brian Wilson…


  2. Brian Wilson “The working class can kiss my arse I’ve got the bosses job at last” just need a bit of skunk fur now and some pocket money from the public purse.

  3. Saying it as it is, as usual.

  4. Wilson?

    That little bit of satire could have been about any one from Wilson, Reid, Brown, Murphy, Foulkes, etc.

    They’re all the same: Labour Party first, Britain second, Scottish people last.

  5. Murray McCallum

    “This is the slippery slope to a better society.”

    Solution – keep people on their knees and make them crawl up hill. It’s all too complicated and difficult to change. Or is it?

  6. Derek, I have something to send you what’s your email?

  7. Why do Britnats like Wilson always look as if they have a very painful stomach ulcer?

  8. Luckily in his home town of Dunoon he is largely unknown, know one cares about what he writes – he’s a nobody of yesterday’s British Labour who never quite got to waer the ermine.
    Those that have made the connection are ashamed of his British ramblings expecially the Celtic supporters where he is a club Director, ( Celtic are a charitible club its a sort of care in the community thing).

  9. Dewey Cox
    Yesterday’s men –all of them, and you can add Kelly and Monteith.
    Curiously all kept in the public eye by the The Scotsman–yesterday’s newspaper!

  10. Keep the stuff coming Derek so we can share it far and wide. Excellent!

  11. Brian our very own pro-war anti devolution Brit Nat. What can one possibly say? 🙂 You could set a Brit Nat clock by him he is so predictable.

  12. Brilliant.

    If these hypocrites were regularly exposed on the BBC and Scottish media, we would have a 90% Yes vote.

  13. I’m not usually slow, but it did take me until the second paragraph to realise it wasn’t actually Manhattan Wilson writing the stuff. Mind you, I’m still 100% sure that it wasn’t the red hot Socialist writing for the Scotsman, Telegraph, Daily Mail or some other left-wing mouthpiece.

  14. Naughty boy, Derek, naughty boy!

  15. Poor old Brian just doesn’t get it, but gets checks from the right wing tax evading MSM.

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