Thank God you’ve found me. They came for me at 4am and said they’d “take me down”. I was bundled into a car and driven to a warehouse. Couldn’t tell if it was GCHQ but they were very silent. Then in the dark I heard a voice I knew. A single piercing light lit his face. He didn’t speak at first. Just laughed. It was Alistair. His eyebrows moved menacingly in the yellow beam and he was saying they knew all about me and  what I was up to and did I think I could get away with it? He didn’t wait for answers. Just turned and left. The light went out and I heard a shuffling beside me. A voice said: Don’t worry I’ll get you out. Quick, this way. We entered a dimly lit corridor and I saw his face. It was Mundell. He caught  my look and said: Surprised? I’m really one of yours. Have been all along. Who’d do you think got Moore sacked?He pushed me into a waiting car and as he held the door said: There are more of us inside the machine. Why do think the message is so negative? Does anybody think that will work…He slammed the door and I was dropped off here an hour ago. I ran to the Mac but it was too late. Both sites had gone. I’ve searched to find and resurrect them and renamed them –       http://derekbateman1.wordpress.com    andhttps://derekbateman2.wordpress.com . Or Google Derek Bateman Broadcaster1. Don’t know how long they’ll be there.  Things are never what they seem…D


5 thoughts on “Underground…

  1. You had us all worried for a minute there Derek!

  2. I’ll second that Andrew.

  3. And a third. Phewww

  4. Great to have you back Derek ! – we were all getting over excited about CIA & GCHQ kidnapping secenarios. Felt upbeat about new Oil finds till BT put us right and some were even coming under that guy Salmonds spell till Nughtie & co put the dampers on the ‘separashun’ chip paper nonsense. Need you to keep us sane.

  5. There is a lot to be said for carrying a pocket full of breadcrumbs….then at least we’d be able to follow a trail.
    I’m afraid that Alistair has the look of madness about him these days…be careful!!!

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