Break Clause Shock

Voters in Glasgow have asked for a break clause to be inserted in the working conditions of their MP Ian Davidson. A protest group claim that since he isn’t voting the way they want him to, his contract with London should be broken and he should be replaced with someone more suitable.

Insiders say this way of dealing with those who don’t act the way the voters want is becoming increasingly popular. “Being an MP is a kind of compact with the voters,” said a constituency official. “If the MP breaks that compact then he should cease to get the work. He isn’t doing what we expect so we think our contract should automatically stop and he loses out. We then get someone who will do what we want. We are in fact holding a gun to our MP’s head.”

The protestors say this method of disciplining MPs could spread to other areas. For example, if people voted for independence they might have to suffer the consequences of deals being stopped. “It could apply to naval shipbuilding orders on the Clyde, so that if the Scots vote yes, the orders could be withdrawn. We understand that Ian agrees with this principle so he can hardly complain if we apply it to him.”

It would mean that there was “separation” between the MP and his constituents. If the break clause is implemented, Mr Davidson will look for alternative employment, possibly on the design team of the new Boomerang missile which returns to the launch pad and blows up in the face of the operator. Mr Davidson was unavailable as he has undergone “separation” from reality.


20 thoughts on “Break Clause Shock

  1. He leaves me speechless, Derek. I did notice he was omnipresent on all news coverage – where was the SNlab leader?

  2. According to Eric Joyce, she was still spouting yesterday’s line.

  3. Ian has SO gone native, and become Westminster’s man in Govan, rather than vice versa. Perhaps the break clause even sounds sensible when blurted out in a Whitehall bar, once you’ve had a few. Poor Ian. Meanwhile I heard a little of your erstwhile colleague Kaye Adams phone in this morning (Thursday 7th) on all things shipyard. She was promoting the question: can Scotland expect to get any shipbuilding work out of rUK after separation (oops) by highlighting a caller’s comment: “Can Scotland have its cake and eat it?” Not being an expert in the interviewing arts, this felt like a bit of a: “when did you stop beating your wife?” question. However, she seems like a genuine soul, so I’ve conclude she’s not biased, it’s just that she’s not very good. Could you perhaps shed some insider light on the subject?

  4. Let’s get Ian Davidson MP an appointment for a re-fit at BAE Systems on the Clyde. His electrical systems are malfunctioning. Once repaired he can be relaunched and a bottle of ginger cracked over the lumbering vessel.

  5. Derek, I was a supporter of Dev Max until I realised Labour were not interested in Scotland so I decided to vote YES. There is a change occurring in the old Labour ranks which I find hard to believe.
    Have you seen this

    It is hard to believe this is happening in Clydebank, Ian Davidson is a typical mouthy bully when faced by a man he’ll disappear.

  6. Watching Nicola Sturgeon annihilate the Labour leader at FMQs, as she was once again truly Lamontable in her performance, was one thing to cheer a weary soul – but your first paragraph just made me positively burst out laughing!

  7. Roibert a Briuis

    Spot on Derek if your MP or MSP is a balloon and a buffoon then we the votes should be able to withdraw our support and sack them…..YES YES YES PLEASE

  8. Roibert a Briuis

    ooops voters…can we have an edit your post option

  9. This is called being hoisted your own petard and if anyone deserves to be hoisted it’s Mr Davidson MP.

  10. I detest Ian Davidson.

    He is arrogant with nothing to be arrogant about, except perhaps his salary.

    He is a bully, but only when his target is smaller or poorer.

    He fawns over his betters (as he sees things) in westminster. He will say or do anything to please his masters.

    His only real concern is the betterment of Ian Davidson. Any other apparent concern is false.

    He would sell his country in return for ermine (his only real ambition).

    His dismissal from public life in Scotland simply can’t come soon enough.

    The only person who is possibly more detestable is Johann Lamont.

    Oh, and Margaret Curran.

    Mmm. and Iain Grey.

    Bugger, there’s Jackie Bailey, too.

    Think I need to go and lie down.

    • Cumon Xsticks your not even trying
      what about Anas Holyrood is a one man dictatorship Sarwar,
      or Ed Scotland will get the pound over my dead body Balls,

      or Michael we should close Holyrood to punish the losers Kelly,
      or Ian better a 100 years of tory rule Smart,
      Lord George Scotland has nae cultur Robertson (of Port Ellen) as he likes to be called
      or Alistair the post of Scottish secretary should be scrapped ( bit wait until am finished wi it) Carmichael
      am getting tired noo as well budge up

  11. Aww, jdman. Now you’ve started me again. You’ve just made ma heid ache!

    There’s Lord (FFS) F-F-F-Foulkes who likes a dram and a wee stramash wi’ the law. He’s a union supporter apparently.

    Oh, and then there’s Lord Jack (Ah only cheatit the wance, honest) Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale. He’s a union supporter apparently.

    And mustn’t forget the firestarter, Mikey the Match, Baron Watson of Invergowrie. Apparently he’s a union supporter too.

    And whit aboot Purcellgate? Unfortunately Deep Throat hasn’t come forward…..yet. The rest of our media didn’t want to look to hard at that story. We can only guess what lurks under that stone. Poor wee Stevie never made it to his ermine nirvana, but I’m sure he still gives the union his undying support.

    Aye, jdman, see when you start thinkin’ aboot it it’s enough to mak’ yer heid burst. It just goes on and on. You have to ask yourself, who elects these people?

  12. X_Sticks and jdman, you must try harder! – Murphy? Baker?Kelly? They’re coming oot the widwork!

  13. Yup Gavin, like I said, it can give you a sore heid!

    Mustn’t forget Ron Culley, Alistair Watson and Davie McLachlan all good Labour men who had to resign from the board of the SPT following an expenses scandal.

    Then there’s Baron Martin of Springburn. He tried to cover up an expenses scandal on a much grander scale than that of Culley and Co.

    Trams? Tour buses? Refrigeration Companies? Taxi Companies? Lost ballot papers? Geez! Life’s too short.

    I haven’t even looked outside Scotland yet!

  14. Didn’t the expose start some years back when a Labour MP/MSP(?), He lived in Bishopbriggs, trousered £500,000 and then became too ill to explain himself over his windfall. Last heard of pursuing a political “career” in Australia.
    Then the lady Helen who worked for and loyally “followed” Maxwell the newspaper baron, and then became her Majesty’s rep in the Australia. And Mr McTiernam has returned, from Australia! What is it about the place that draws Labour types?
    The tour bus was a good one. Was that the same McV who told a lie about a pie?
    All this has the making of a film series.

  15. Indeed Gavin, but wouldn’t it just be like Bob Servant only with corruption rather than crass stupidity?

    Then again the Labour party in Glasgow operate more like the mafia. Their control of local politics, the local police, the local media and the local underworld is almost exactly the same as any large gangster outfit. Infiltrate and control.

    Italy has been working hard to rid itself of it’s mafia shysters. It’s long past time Glasgow did the same. I’ve no doubt the air would taste fresher without all of those mentioned above.

    By the way, did I mention Glasgow Cooncil? No, no, NO! I don’t have enough life left to start on that can of worms.

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