I couldn’t make it up…

I was trying to think of something funny to write this morning and realized I didn’t have to. I was reading up on “Mike” Moore when I came across this from the Liberal Democrat Voice – The most-read website by and for Lib Dem supporters. Not paid for by trade unions or millionaires – written by Caron Lindsay, a journalist with her finger on the Lib Dem pulse…(favourite quote: “There’s still a faint pulse there but it’s fading fast. Quick, get the defibrillator!”)

Caron writes:

It can’t be much fun being Alex Salmond these days.  The euphoria of May has subsided, and he’s realised that there’s nobody else to blame for his majority Government’s actions.  On top of that, wherever he looks, he sees the grin of Wilie (sic) Rennie,  ready to highlight any example of anglophobia, of dodging, delaying, ducking and diving. The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader has had accolade after accolade in the press for providing such high quality opposition to the SNP bulldozer. (my italics)

There’s another Liberal Democrat making Salmond’s daily life uncomfortable.  They don’t come more reasonable than Mike Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland.   Moore was an accountant before he became an MP. Precision and detail are what he does. He’s on a mission to nail Alex Salmond’s independence jelly to the wall, this week posing six questions  for the SNP to answer.

I caught up with Mike recently, just as he was finishing his 15th Summer Tour of his large Borders constituency. He talked for quite a while about the diverse communities on his patch, recounting every issue raised in each place. It’s clear he thrives on getting out and meeting people.

It’s as well Moore has a huge capacity for work, given that his position as Scotland’s champion in the UK Government requires him to, as he says, “fight like hell”, for Scotland across virtually every area of Government.

Mike Moore will never be anything other than reasonable and measured. He compares well to a First Minister full of bluff and bluster. His skilful (sic) advocacy for Scotland within the Government has already brought changes for the better.  In the constitutional debate, he and Willie Rennie will make a formidable team, keeping the argument real and practical, but also fresh with new ideas for further devolution not just to Edinburgh but beyond, to communities, giving away power wherever they can.

(I can’t think why they ever got rid of him, can you?)


16 thoughts on “I couldn’t make it up…

  1. The words ‘formidable’ and ‘Willie Rennie’ appearing on the same page. I know I’ve just repeated it, but lets not allow it to happen again.

    Poor Caron, she’s nothing if not optimistic. Taking ‘looking on the bright side’ to hitherto unknown altitudes.

  2. Yes you could Derek, you could write better. May we continue to be cursed to live in interesting times. I like the transparent, though apparently random, confliction of the Carmichael promotion with Hammond visit to Edinburgh. More doom and gloom for wee scotia. Roll on Derek, at ’em boy.

  3. I met MM once. Suddenly the paint on the wall seemed fascinating…Just saying

    • Roibert a Briuis

      Well he is/was an accountant…………..what did you expect?

      • Oh, I dunno really. He was a key political figure at the cutting edge of the single largest constitutional change in the UK for 300 years. He is a longstanding member of a party whose policy objective for Scotland has always been Home Rule. Was I naive to expect a personality to reflect that?

  4. So, much inspiration out there for the satirists pen. LibDems in particular crack me up!

  5. Watch out for more statements about “local democracy”.
    Devolution over,under and around Holyrood.

  6. Giving power away where ever they can – yeah to the Tories.

  7. I met him when he was about five. I don’t think he improved much with age.

  8. Willie Rennie always strikes me as a nice man who has been promoted beyond his ability or capability and is rather uncomfortable in his role. I note that both Carmichael and Moore both voted against replacing Trident so they will be at one with the Yes campaign on that issue.

  9. “I couldn’t make it up”.

    You don’t have to Derek, Caron is doing that very nicely for you. For instance, this: “Wilie (sic) Rennie, ready to highlight any example of anglophobia…”

    Here’s a challenge Caron, let us know one single example of Mr. Salmond’s ‘anglophobia’, and I might start to think you’re a real journalist, rather than a fantasist, spinning a lot of lies in the hope that some of them might lodge with the simple-minded and the brain dead.

    I’m not even going to start with Willie Rennie, Holyrood’s own Judge Dredd (according to you). By the way, how’s the weather in your alternate universe?

  10. The hypocrisy of Caron Lindsay’s utterances reminds me starkly of Willie Rennie’s dishonest, snivelling hypocrisy. When he was my MP some years ago he came round distributing leaflets. I asked him why as he was a Liberal he supported UK nuclear weapons and why he sat in a Parliament which was most happy to take people into illegal wars – his response was “to stop the English from being so aggressived”! I have sent this to a number of newspapers over the years including local press – Rennie has never commented or denied the truth of my letters. He is just another useless Liberal lackey, of use to us in his uselessness!

  11. Actually wee willie has always hud one ae they faces I’d like tae punch.

  12. Hi there,

    Caron writes “It’s as well Moore has a huge capacity for work, given that his position as Scotland’s champion in the UK Government requires him to, as he says, “fight like hell”, for Scotland across virtually every area of Government.” And there we have it, that only with Independence will we be governed by a system which puts Scotland and her peoples’ interests first, without the likes of, God help us, MM having to fight on our behalf.

    Thanks for the clarification Caron.


  13. Is this the same Willie Rennie that begrudgingly conceded that Scotland is geographically in the North Atlantic and would probably (but only probably) be a liberal democracy, if independent (although he may have said separate I can’t remember) during what can only be called a car crash TV interview? Or is there another less intellectually challenged Willie Rennie that has escaped my attention? Is the one I saw an evil doppleganger out to do down the reputation of the once nice Liberals?

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