(Scary) conference report….

Ed Miliband has made clear to the Labour conference that scaremongering has no place in British politics.


“I really do abhor this type of overstated, dishonest tactic to try to defeat the legitimate ends of an elected government with a mandate acting on behalf of the people,” he said in Brighton.


The Labour leader was responding to threats by the power companies to move their operations out of the UK if a Labour Government forced them to hold energy prices for 20 months. It was also suggested Britain could face blackouts.


“This is just scaremongering for the sake of it,” said Mr Miliband. “That’s what you do when you run out of rational arguments and then take the people for idiots. Only those bereft of respect for taxpayers and for the democratic process would ever descend to deliberately misleading by raising unfounded and unprovable scare stories. I condemn it unreservedly.”


He said it would like telling Scots they would be thrown out of the EU or made to have a border with England if they voted for independence. “Honestly, what kind of moral crook or dimwit would try to scare people with total nonsense like….”


At this point the sound system stopped working and his words were lost.


A Better Together spokesman said: “This is exactly what we’ve been saying, that the SNP scaremongering that Scotland would be better off, happier, more equal and secure has got to stop.”





11 thoughts on “(Scary) conference report….

  1. Brilliant……just brilliant !

  2. Labour scares me.

  3. Derek,you always make my day.
    More please.

  4. I listened to the diatribe, your right, that’s exactly what he said. I hope someone in YES Scotland has approached you about addressing groups of undecided; you have communication skills par excellence.

  5. Dismantling each scare story with a mixture of irony and humour so very well.
    Still chuckling yet. “What’s up wie you says the better half”. Great stuff!.

  6. Brilliant Derek, when’s the “Halls of” BBC Scotland coming out, that would be good

  7. Yeah, he hasn’t got a scooby!

  8. Great stuff Derek, please please join Twitter.

  9. Good stuff Derek, very impressed by the irony so prevalent in all your posts. Please keep up the good work.

  10. Margaret Brogan

    Have just found your blog, courtesy of a report in today’s Herald, it has made my day! Such a delight to read, welcome back.
    Margaret Brogan

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